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Rosenthal Marks used for the American Market

During the period between the two World Wars (1925 to circa 1941) Rosenthal porcelain was distributed in the United States by Rosenthal China Corporation based in New York.

European manufactured porcelain for the American market was marked with a cartouche placed over the original production mark. The original mark is often visible beneath the cartouche when placed under a strong light. There are also examples where the cartouche didn't completely cover the original markings.

The cartouche was required to meet the U.S. Government Import Regulations which required all imported goods to be clearly marked with their country of origin. Goods privately imported (e.g. Service Personnel who had been stationed overseas) often failed to comply.

Examples of marks used  




Recognising the impending war in Europe (and the ever-increasing high costs of shipping from Europe), in 1939 Rosenthal made arrangements to have their products manufactured in the United States in an attempt to minimise any likely disruption to supply. Rosenthal approached the Shenango Pottery Company in Pennsylvania to manufacture and supply the Rosenthal catalogue of tableware products under the 'Castleton China' brand name. (Shenango had previously agreed a similar arrangement with Haviland China of Limoges, France who were exposed to the same potential difficulties.)

Examples of marks used


In 1951 Shenango purchased all the Rosenthal U.S. holdings in 'Castleton China' which it continued to produce until it ceased production in 1974.

During the period following World War II Rosenthal porcelain was distributed in the United States by Rosenthal-Block China Corporation; company founded by Joseph Block. Raymond Lowery's firm (which included Richard S Latham) designed tableware for the Corporation that would appeal to the American market. Probably best known was the Continental China line which was launched in 1952 and discontinued in 1975.  Lowery took shares in the Corporation as payment for his design services.

Example of mark used


When Rosenthal opened its own offices in New York City in 1960 the distributorship was renamed            Rosenthal USA Ltd.