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Rosenthal Marks used immediately prior to and during World War II (1934-1945)

Porcelain production during the years 1934 to 1945 was under Political/Military leadership. All Rosenthal family interests in the management of the company had been removed and replaced by person(s) sympathetic to the Political/Military Regime.


    The Deutsche Arbeitsfront (DAF or German Labor Front) logo encircled by the words MODELL DES AMTES SCHÖNHEIT DER ARBEIT (Approved Model of the Office of Beauty of Labor) are applied in green under the glaze.

The Office of Schönheit der Arbeit of the DAF decided what constituted good industrial design. It's presence on any item was considered to be a seal of approval.


    as above
    Swastika Mark used in 1939
    Swastika Mark used in 1941.
    Luftwaffe Flying Eagle with 'FI.' and 'U.V.' flanking swastika in eagle's talons.

FI. and U.V. stands for Flieger Unterkunft Verwaltung (Flight Barracks Administration) used to identify Luftwaffe inventory.