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Rosenthal Markings

To assist in trying to identify the year of manufacture of any given item of Rosenthal I have provided information on Rosenthal markings and the year(s) that those markings are believed to have been in use.

Records available sometimes include reference to when a shape or decoration was introduced but rarely identify the point when the shape or decoration was discontinued. Popular shapes were often given a new lease of life when new artists conceived new decoration variations in their own particular style.

This information has been researched from various sources but readers must be aware that no guarantee can be given as to its total accuracy. No responsibility can be accepted for the correctness of any conclusions that may have been drawn in providing this information.

I hope you find the information helpful.

If you are able to share any additional information regarding dating Rosenthal items, please email me at


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  Markings in Date Sequence                                


  Markings which include the Designer's Signature    


 Markings used by Bauer, Rosenthal & Co          


  Markings introduced for the American Market         


 Markings used during World War II                   


  Markings which include 'U.S. Zone'                          


 Markings used in conjunction with Pickard       


Markings used to commemorate anniversaries